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Balal Platforms



Balal Platforms

Project Name: Balal Platforms- EPCI of the wellhead and PLQ platforms
Client: Elf Petroleum Iran
Status: Completed
Field Location: Persian Gulf at approximately 100-km to the South West of lavan Island in water depth of approximately 67m



Developing Balal oil field in order to produce and transmit 40,000 BPD


Scope of Work:
  • Detail engineering
  • Procurement of WHP , PLQ jackets and the flare structure
  • Construction of WHP , PLQ jackets and the flare structure
  • Transportation and installation of all modules of the complex


  • A central complex comprising of a combined process and living quarter (PLQ) platform.
  • A single 16 slot wellhead platform (WHP).
  • A bridge link between, the WHP and the PLQP.
  • A flare structure







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