About Sepandfar Shahr Industrial Co.

Sepandfar Shahr Industrial Co. provides total Engineering, construction and project management of oil and gas activities and including structural, process, piping, instrumentation; electrical, fire and safety, pipe flow analysis, transportation and installation, project management services, procurement services.

The Project Service Group is the construction management arm of SSIC. This group of construction specialists and inspectors works with the different engineering disciplines to assure adherence Client specifications in a timely manner. Our Project Service personnel are keenly attuned to the safety standards and the environmental considerations of the oil and gas industry. Project Services personnel are performing construction management and inspection services in the manufacturing process, the fabrication process and the installation process of the materials and equipment used in the oil and gas industry.

Sepandfar Shahr Industrial Co. has a team of professional construction personnel who can perform the job and following inspection, vendor surveillance and quality assurance services.  Land Pipelines                                                                                                                   Under ground and over land Installation  ,  Hydrotests , Welder Qualifications , Maintenance , Environnemental Mitigation .                                                                                                   The Project Service Group is responsive to the Clients needs providing qualified personnel to new installation projects, as well as, maintenance additions and repair projects.


Capabilities & Facilities :Sepandfar Shahr Industrial Co. is one of the contractors in the international and domestic oil and gas industry. Our capabilities include the design and engineering, procurement services, construction and installation. We also able employ some of the most talented and dedicated people in our company

 Land Pipelines : We have provided all aspects of engineering support to include route selection, coordination of biological and cultural resource evaluations, and pipeline classification determinations ( for gas pipelines). We will provide construction management and engineering support of construction for projects. This includes handling everything from Planning and engineering through management and coordination of construction for new pipeline systems and related facilities. We routinely support day to day operations and maintenance of pipeline operating companies. This includes quick response to management and field personnel requirements. This support also includes handling pipeline adjustment project for clients, from agency and developer interfaces, through permitting, planning, design and construction management.


Facilities: Equipment Installations Piping Installation Electrical Instrumentation Installation Miscellaneous:    Station Installations Tanks , Safety, Environnemental  Pipeline Surveillance
 Engineering Software: Sepandfar Shahr Industrial Co. has capabilities to undertake engineering of oil and gas industry with suited software. These include structural and modelling, piping, electrical, HVAC design, PDS, PDMS, CAESAR, AUTO CAD, AUTO Plant, CAD WORX, CAD Pipe. AUTO PIPE : AUTO PIPE combines the ease of use of window based input/editing and leading edge graphics visualisation with advance analytical capabilities not found in any other program for analysis of new or existing systems. AUTO PIPE enables users to quickly analyse support loads, piping code stresses (18 piping codes), and piping loads on equipment for multiple operating conditions. ZENPIPE: This program is able to calculate the static and dynamic performance of pipeline system subject to pressure, temperature, weight, wind and other loading. Full code compliance reports are generated to ANSI codes B31.1, B31.3, B31.4 and B31.8 as well as ASME 111 division 1 and class 2. Von Mises stresses are also calculated. RIMAVERA: Project planning, control and management. It includes integrated scheduling, resource allocation levelling, cost control etc. Presentation includes schedules, bar charts, graphics etc.
 Projects : 1994 : Installation and commissioning of Rotary Machine in Bojnourd petrochemical urea plant.  1995: Installation of Rotary Machine in Tabriz petrochemical plant , Trays of tower assembly in Tabriz petrochemical plant. Piping fabrication of Tabriz petrochemical plant.  Installation and modification of 7 Reactors in Tabriz petrochemical plant.